Adult Faith Formation

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Brew and Chew Scripture Group 

Scripture Group 

No deep knowledge of the Bible required…we simply read the upcoming Sunday readings and ponder them.  We meet in the Rosa Road Community Room.

Tuesdays 3:30 PM

Thursdays 2 PM


Wanna Be Catholic?

Maybe you were never baptized, had 1st Communion or were confirmed?  No matter where you are in your faith journey…if you feel called to be Catholic, we would be happy to help you with questions you may have.  No pressure or obligation.  


RCIA Sessions




 Senior Lunch Bunch

All Seniors are welcome to gather socially every 2nd Wednesday of the month for fun, faith and fellowship!  Various programs and outings take place based on interest.  Call the office to inquire.

Faith and Play Group

If you are a parent at home and would like a play group for your child and a chance to talk about matters of faith with other adults, we have the place!  We meet Thursdays 9:30am in the Rosa Road Parish Center classrooms.


Laughter and Libations 

Laughter & Libations with Father Bob!

We meet four times a year at a local restaurant to dine together and discuss a topic that Father Bob speaks about.  Laughter is always on the menu!